Tips for Making Cookies for Diabetes Patients

Tips for Making Cookies for Diabetes Patients

Cookies have become a common dish in every home to be served to guests or just a snack to chat with. Even so, we must pay attention to the nutritional content behind these tempting tastes, especially if you want to make cookies for diabetes.

Crunchy and soft, the presence of cookies becomes a complement, especially on the celebration of the big day. Cookies are generally made from basic ingredients, such as flour, milk, sugar, baking soda, butter, and eggs. Now for diabetics, all of these compositions must be carefully calculated so as not to trigger an increase in blood sugar levels.

So that diabetics can also enjoy the delicious snacks, let's see how to make or enjoy cookies for diabetes below.

Diabetics are advised to limit the intake of foods containing sugar and saturated fat. In addition to being high in sugar, pastries also contain butter, milk and cream, which contain saturated fat. Therefore, pastries include foods that need to be avoided by diabetics.

But if you really want to eat snacks on this one, there are several ways to make pastries become more friendly for diabetics. For example:

1. Mixing flour

Mix the flour ingredients with wheat flour to make cookies for healthier diabetes.

2. Substitute sugar with another sweetener

Making cookies for diabetes can be done if the sugar ingredients are replaced with other sweeteners, such as stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener from stevia plant extracts. It tastes sweeter than sugar, but does not contribute to an increase in blood sugar.

3. Substitute butter

Another action taken to make cookies for diabetes healthier is to replace butter with a healthier version. You can get it by mixing low-fat margarine or canola oil into the mixture so that the fat content can be reduced.

4. Add fruits

One of the important intake to be fulfilled by diabetics is fiber. To add fiber intake to pastries, you can try adding some types of fruit when making pastries, such as berries, coconuts, or low-sugar dried fruit.

It's just that, although it is considered healthier, consuming pastries excessively at one time, it should not be done because it can make blood sugar rise.

After eating cookies for diabetes, don't forget to maintain blood sugar levels in the body by eating healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits, exercising regularly, taking medication for diabetes, and regularly checking blood sugar levels.

By looking at the guidelines for making cookies for diabetes above, it is not impossible for diabetics to consume the usual snacks available at this celebration. It's just that, in order to maintain blood sugar levels in the body, do not get too much or too far when enjoying it.

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